About Us


XENIA was born in 2005 from a project that was as ambitious as it was challenging: to become an ambassador for the well-being not only in Italy, but also abroad.
Its founders Eugenia Conforti and Mario Partenope, have 30 years of experience in the world of network marketing and direct sales.
XENIA boasts a wide range of the highest quality products in the wellness, beauty and performance, distributed to the general public through a network of Independent Sales Representatives Reliable, competent and professional.
100% Made in Italy in the world Xenia Global represents the "Italian Dream in the world" precisely because all products have been Strictly designed, researched and manufactured in Italy by certified supply chains.


Our mission is aimed at improving the quality of life of our appointees and customers with constant attention to the needs and demands of consumers.
We believe in a conscious, ethical business model, respecting people, the planet and prosperity.


Xenia Global offers a simple and lucrative compensation and career plan that can meet any type of professional need.
Everyone wants to feel good, enjoy excellent health and gain financial independence; Xenia Global can help you achieve these goals.